Middle Section

Montfort Roorkee School

Mrs. Lizy Philip

Co-ordinator Middle Section

“Education is not the learning of facts, its rather the training of the mind”

(Albert Einstein)

Montfort School is a great place for teaching and learning. From my point of view imparting education and handling the adolescent students in the middle section is a very significant task as they are heading towards incredible growth. This period is a transition from primary classes to the middle and children are excited to discover themselves being part of a wider world around them. Students at this stage go through many physical and emotional changes which can impact their ability to perform well in and outside the class rooms. They develop new friendships, improve their self esteem and self confidence, take more interest in the school work and become independent learners. In this process the supportive role of the parents, motivating leadership by the management, and the tireless efforts of the dedicated and committed teachers who always go that extra mile is noteworthy.

Laying emphasis on the above facts and to instill in them the intrinsic motivation to learn, to grow intellectually, emotionally and socially a number of activities are organised. Some of which are as follows:

  • We focus to enhance the analytical and reasoning abilities of the students by conducting subject related and co-scholastic activities such as quiz, declamation, debates etc.
  • A number of art integrated activities are organized to promote taste and appreciation for various forms of art.
  • Peer group studies and a number of group activities like group discussions, project making, collage making etc. are encouraged to promote the values of team work, respect, tolerance and acceptance.
  • Distinct emphasis is laid on the character formation providing them with counseling and guidance. Also citing real life examples and situations while teaching, equip them to be able to handle situations better.
  • Scouting & Guiding is the special feature of the middle section wherein the students manifest their willingness and courage to undertake any challenges.

We are unconditionally committed to the overall development of our students and are striving to be creative and innovative in our instruction to engage them in their learning thus preparing them to be good human beings and productive citizens in an ever changing world.

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