Assessments And Evaluation

The school follows the CBSE’s pattern of assessment. From the year 2017-18, the school will follow the revised pattern of assessment for class’s I-X. The final assessment will cover the complete syllabus of the year for classes IX and X. The other classes will have selected topics from different parts of the syllabus, gradually preparing them for examination covering the complete syllabus. The academics session is from April to March. The session has three assessments (periodic tests) and a comprehensive annual examination at the end of the year. Written work is only one of the many ways of assessing a child. Even the written work, the teacher takes into account the quality, accuracy, neatness and efficiency with which the work is done. Besides the written task, students are graded for their response in class and participation in all class activities.

They are expected to express their thoughts freely and confidently. The teacher also takes into account honesty, creativity and originality of each child in allotting grades. Hence, assessment is based on the all round growth and development of the child from different angles. Annual awards at the end of the session will also be given on this basis the format for recording attendance and Academic performance has been provided in the school handbook and students are encouraged to update it and keep a track of their progress. Parents are required to sign the answer scripts of their child in child in each subject, after each test/examination, so that they are aware of their child’s performance and are in a better position to discuss the same with the teacher.{However, answer scripts of the final examination will not, under any circumstances, be shown to the parents} Promotions are decided in consultation with class/subject teachers at the end of the academic session.

The results declared at the end of the are final. The results of tests and examinations are communicated to parents by means of progress Report cards/mark statements. Class X and XII will appear for board examinations at the end of the year and the results are declared by the CBSE.

For Classes IX & XI

Students who fail in one or more subjects will not be eligible for promotion to the next class. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue studies in the school. In order to qualify for promotion, every student must have not less than90% attendance for the whole year excluding any leave that may have been duly sanctioned. Absence/leave in a test/examination will be treated as having received no marks.

Separate arrangements cannot be made for students who for any reason are not present for any of the tests/examinations. Academic Awards are given on the basis of the student’s performance in tests/examinations of both semesters; hence, students are urged to be present for all the evaluations. In deciding the promotion of a student, grades of all assessments will be taken into consideration in addition to their class work during the year. Internal Assessment = 20 Marks (Class IX), Marks (Class XI) (IX-Average of the best to assignments + Subject Activities + Notebook submission, XI-Practical) Final Examination = 80 marks (Class IX), 70 (Class XI) A student needs to obtain 33% marks each both in internal assessment as well as the final examination to be eligible for promotion to the next class.