Bio Lab

The School has spacious Bio Labs with attendants, to learn scientific skills in a novel way. It is equipped with LCD projectors for easy learning and concept clarity.

Chemistry Lab

The School has spacious Chemistry Labs with attendants, to learn scientific skills in a novel way. It is equipped with LCD projectors for easy learning and concept clarity.

Children's Park

A spanking new children’s park is the latest addition to add to the joy of the kindergartners. The park has a variety of swings, see saws, sliding ramps, and all the bells and whistles to make a tot happy.

Class Library

Class Library has been introduced with the aim of inculcating the reading habit among children to acquire knowledge. Every student will bring one book each for the class library. The Students of a particular class will read the books thus collected, under supervision of a teacher. The main library quenches everyone’s thirst for knowledge. It adds hundreds of books to its treasure house yearly.

Counseling Care

Selected Staff members have been trained to provide Counseling, especially for students who may require additional guidance to deal with the academic and behaviour related problems and difficulties. Parents are requested to interact with counselors, with prior appointment, during school hours. The school lays great emphasis on the development of a healthy and balanced personality in each child.

Language Lab

Students learn phonetics and pronunciation in a lab equipped with headphones and Audio visual aids.

Music/Dance Room

The School has dedicated music and dance rooms equipped with the best infrastructure to cater to the all round development of the students.

Physics lab

The School has spacious Physics Labs with attendants, to learn scientific skills in a novel way. It is equipped with LCD projectors for easy learning and concept clarity.

Prayer Hall

A prayer hall where students can experience the peace and prayerful atmosphere, with nods to all religions, has been dedicated to encourage spirituality among students.

School Canteen

The School Canteen supplies hygienic and healthy snacks and fruit juices to its students. The school does not permit aerated drinks in the school canteen. The Menu is monitored carefully and revised from time to time.

School Conveyance

The school will provide bus conveyance on specified routes until sufficient public / private conveyance becomes available on these routes. The school buses make two trips in the morning and two trips in the noon. Students are informed of their respective routes, bus numbers and stops by a school circular at the beginning of the academic session Bus fee is charged extra and a separate fee book is issued to the students for this purpose. This facility is not compulsory for students and staff. If you can arrange your own conveyance you are most welcome to do so.

School Infirmary

The School infirmary is fully equipped with medical facilities for check-up of students by a qualified nurse. There is also provided for handling emergencies during school hours.

Smart Class

The school has introduced the new smart touch interactive board in all the classrooms and common rooms as a teaching aid for the better understanding of any abstract concepts and to increase the retention power of the students, also with a view to make the teaching learning process an enjoyable and nourishing experience for the students.

Sports and Games

Students can practice cricket, basketball, football, Badminton and table tennis every afternoon from 3.00 PM. Coaches are available at the ground on all days except Sundays. Students from class IV onwards are free to join the practice. The school provides training and encourages students with outstanding abilities to participate in Inter School Sports Meets and District, State and National level competitions. All students are expected to learn and actively participate in at least one outdoor and indoor sport during their school career.

Computer Lab

The school has latest Computer Lab with Internet Facility & Wi-Fi

Maths Lab

Students learn various mathematical operations in a scientific way in the Maths Lab.

Basketball Court

Every student is given the basic lessons of Basketball game. The standard Basketball court in the campus helps the students with an aptitude for the game to improve their skills. Students interested are given special coaching for the game during the summer break.


Gymnasium facility is provided for the students of senior section. A well equipped Gymnasium with the latest machines introduces the students to a scientific pattern of exercise.

Skating Ring

Skating ring for the primary section helps the students to make the physical exercising an enjoyable act. The school aims to lay a foundation of healthy physique for every student.