Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Intra / Inter Class and Inter House Competitions- are planned and organized as per the Year Plan during the entire Academic session. The competitions are meant to stimulate interest, encourage participation and promote confidence and cooperation among boys and girls. In the course of the year, students are involved in art, craft, music, dance, sports, quizzes, literary and scientific activities.

Assembly Presentations provide individual classes the opportunity to conduct their own programme on stage under the guidance of the class teacher every week, in rotation. Students use this platform to celebrate national and religious festivals and other events of national and international significance. Sports / Cultural Activities are organized in order to give parents an opportunity to watch their children perform and display their talents.

The Science Symposium- is organized every year for the students of Classes XI / XII on a topic relevant to their syllabus in Physics, Chemistry or Biology. Students are required to make presentations using audio-visual or multimedia equipment, which are followed by discussions with faculty members and subject expert. This Inter School programme aims at promoting independent study habits and exchange of ideas among students.

The Inter School Debate / Quiz is held every year to help students sharpen their skill, improve their personality and give them an exposure to competitive events .Mon’festa-is a youth festival for teenage students to compete and interact in a variety of events- cultural, literary, artistic and informal. Organized by the students of classes IX to XII, every alternate year, this inter School Festival is a perfect forum for innovative ideas and outstanding performances.

The KG Talent Contest is eagerly awaited and well attended by many kindergarten schools in the town. The children of different schools are encouraged to participate in song and dance competitions.

Class wise annual day celebration this cultural extravaganza is aimed at giving opportunity to every child in every class to exhibit his/ her talents, grow in confidence and bring out the innate hidden qualities in them.

The Scout and Guidesmovement has been introduced for students of class VI to VIII to inculcate values such as: independence, self-reliance, cooperation and tolerance. Regular meetings and activities, every week prepare students for the overnight camp in the month of October and the Inter Montfortian Camp held at different schools of the Province, each year. Every student in class VI, VII and VIII is expected to wear the proper uniform on days when Scout/ Guide activities are held in school. Regular participation is compulsory for these classes.