Montfort School

Senior Section

Mr. Deepu Thomas
Co-ordinator Senior Section

Adolescence is a delicate and promising time in the life of a student. They struggle to come to terms with their emotional and physiological changes while also having to live up to greater pressure in their academics. The need to do things to feel important in the peer group while also conforming to societal rules, is a precarious position. The focus in the senior section in general is to help them through this highly critical time of their lives, ensuring that integrated growth continues unabated.

The secondary section (Classes IX & X) of Montfort School caters to more than 500 students . While the pedagogy is governed by the CBSE pattern, it is also inspired by the Montfortian vision of Education. In an integrated course spanning two years, students are prepared to develop a thorough understanding of the tenets of language, intricacies of science, laws of Maths, an analytical knowledge of social science and much more in order to equip them for a life in the real world. They are also guided by Teachers and Career guidance experts to start working and planning towards the choice of a career.

While academic excellence is the main thrust, due attention is paid to development of life skills, creative expression, and ecological sensitivity. Some of the activities that our students excel in are : Olympiads, NTSE, debates, Inter-section activities etc.

The Senior secondary section (Classes XI & XII), with close to 400 students and with its highly experienced and qualified staff , strives to prepare students for the AISSE which serves as the gateway to Undergraduate courses, paving the way for their future careers. Subjects in the Science and Commerce stream are offered to students, according to their aptitude. The spirit of inquiry and democratic participation of the students are encouraged in the classes so as to help them rise above the boundaries of theoretical knowledge and into the realm of free thought and exploration.

Some of the areas/activities that are paid special attention to are : Science and commerce Olympiads, Aptitude assessment and Personality development, Career guidance seminars, Science symposium etc.